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Learn why more examinees pass on their first attempt after taking our program. ​

Bar None Review 

California Bar Exam Test Prep Services for 

Los Angeles, Orange County & San Francisco

Since 1999

**Bar Exam Cram Session dates are subject to change​**
While Bar Exam Cram Session date changes are rare, class sessions are subject to change. Class locations for each Bar Exam Cram Session are also subject to change. Registered students will be provided as much notice as possible of any class date or location change.

The Bar Exam Cram Session

is a two-day crash course on everything you need to know

to pass the California bar exam. 

It is so much more than just two days! The Bar None Review Bar Exam Cram Session also includes a study plan leading you through the last ten days before the exam, as well as a copy of our Bar Exam Cram Sheets™. Our Bar Exam Cram Sheets™ are condensed outlines organized in such a way that many of our students claim that “the essays write themselves." Although, the Bar Exam Guru would not claim to be able to predict the essay topics, Professor Duncanson provides her "predictions" of likely essay scenarios along with sample essays to review in these highlighted areas. The Two Day Bar Exam Cram Session is one of the most popular Bar None Review California Bar Exam Prep Courses. All of this gives students real confidence on the exam - which ultimately leads to a high success rate.